Stone cold morning

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View from Mt. Huangshan at 7 in the morning
Regents Park, London
Another drawing from a vegan zine I made
Drawing for a vegan zine I made.
Missing these shows.
Tigers Jaw- Kingston 2013

Fingers got in the way

Bamboo forests
Punx- Beijing
Yooo, I made a vegan zine with my limited artistic abilities.Its called Rethink & Rearrange. Pretty much just an insight into why I believe more people should consider a vegan diet. Got a piece on the illegal trade of ivory as well and a piece on my experience of travelling around Scandinavia last summer. Would appreciate the support! It’s only £2.50 with postage
My brooooos
Waxahatchee- Brighton- Green Door Store- October

Waxahatchee- Brighton- Green Door Store- October

Moose Blood- London-  Old Blue Last- November